Turnkey Booths

We design unique turnkey booth concepts!

They are available in various sizes (from 6 m² to 36 m²).

The turnkey booth is designed to be economical whilst remaining flexible and elegant (several ranges are available).

Our team of designers compose “ready-to-exhibit” spaces with services included, that are adapted to the economic sector of the event and to the graphic and technical needs of each exhibitor. For the structure of the stands our Logistics Division offers vast rental resources (alu-melamine partitions, wooden partitions and aluvision partitions). These can be associated and/or replaced by “made-to-measure”, mass-produced woodwork handled by our Production division.

We offer you the possibility of customizing your turnkey in three different ways which may be accompanied by additional products or services.

3 ways to customize your stand!

1 - Visual identity

Take advantage of our advice to attract be noticed, attention and communicate.

Our Print division offers the possibility of designing large visuals on types of media, maximizing height with signs and all types of risers, or working on visuals with light and/or transparency.

2 - Production presentation

Imagining the means best adapted to emphasize your products.

Define together the best technical and/or economical solutions (shelves, podiums, columns, display cases, bookcases, etc.). Why not suspend your products for a wow effect!

Or even turn digital with dynamic or interactive displays.

3 - Design a decorative universe

Accompaniment to convey the nature of the trade and/or to give cachet to the aesthetics of the stand.

Work applied to the atmosphere of the area (warmth, energy or an organic aspect, etc.). A proposal to enable a meeting to have more privacy through velums, screens, etc.) .Without forgetting to take into account the colours chosen for the materials, lighting, furniture and the storage.

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